Art is the one thing that keeps us all together. Whether we pursue art in its most natural form, or take it to its most intricate level, we are all united by the one thing that runs constant in every form of art, and that is expressing ourselves. That is the one thing I aspire for, whichever medium I am using to create the art I make.

When I am painting, whatever emotions I am feeling are present in the artwork. When I write, my emotions are expressed through the basest form of expression, which is language. Art and creativity is very important in my life because of the fact that it allows me to remain a contributing member of my family, my peer group, and society in general even if I am not in the best of moods. As long as something I am feeling is written down concretely or just allowed to flow freely, I will not be affected by that emotion.

Art is so important in my life because of the balancing effect it has on me. Though I aspire to become a doctor and science is something I am very interested in, I know my creative side has kept me balanced throughout my life, and it is something I’m very grateful for.

- Pallavi

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